Under review


What do you see? White screen?

I see Google but not all my pages of shortcuts that I have created over the lat couple of years that I have been using your program.

Please send me my account key so I can reinstall it tonight....

Thank you.

You may have my login emal RTFavara@Gmail.com but please use Richard@Favara.com for all communication.  Thank you.

Did you use sync feature?

yes  but I have moved and none of the other workstations and servers have been setup yet.

Can't you find my account????

You can restore your data in Backups tab in EverSync.

I don't know (re: eversync)  How do I get to that link?  That would be great  all my medical links are on this app.  Please email me if you can.  Richard@Favara.com

Why can't my account be found  I paid $15 for the app and it has been just great.  I haved recommended it to all my Clients.  I am a computer & network VAR. and have been since 1980, so there are a lot of Clients.