Bing vs Google vs Yandex

George Worley 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

I have been researching this all day and have yet seen a solution.

I saw on that was suppose to work with an about:config setting however it wasn't available so added it and it didn't work even after restarting Firefox.  It was over on the FVD Speed Dial - Chrome forum however Chrome doesn't have about:config and the closest thing that Chrome has is about:flags.

I don't even have bing as installed search engine on my Firefox.

I saw where some said modify the hosts file so that it redirects to Google.   It did redirect however Firefox saw a SSL certificate issue and blocked access to Google.  I looked at the config stuff for FVD Speed Dial to see if I could figure out where it was calling to Bing and could not find it.

This is been go on for over 6 years.   It is time to fix it,   A simple solution is to use the default search engine for the browser.  I have used an extension that had weather and search bar as well as a random image and a quote.  It uses whatever the default search engine is for Chrome.  If I had it set to the search engine to Duck Duck Go, the extension used it.  Likewise if I had the default search engine set for The Internet Archive, it use it.   I like usually use either Google or The Internet Archive most of the time.

Thank you,

George Worley