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Speeddial opens a new tab with to the Speeddial Options whenever I try to go to the 'Home" page

bnemo60 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 3

Whenever I start Firefox (66.0.3) it opens two tabs, my FVD Speed dial with websites and groups, and a FVD Speeddial Options tab. Whenever I click on the "Home" button, it takes the current window back to the FVD Speed dial with websites and groups, and opens ANOTHER FVD Speeddial Options tab. I cannot find anything in the setting to control this. I should also state that this started when I completely uninstalled ALL  FireFox files and and installed a previous version (65.0.something) Don't know why FF thinks it is the latest update sicne that version disabled Speeddial with their new rules, and I set the update option to LET ME CHOOSE TO UPDATE....

Under review

Hmm, please tell me version of browser.