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All my speeddials have disappeared - I only have Everhelper left

Patriciaenola 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2
Under review


Do you see your dials here - http://everhelper.me/client/ ? You can use Download option for download your dials.

I have had them back very quickly but it was a hell of a job because there is a notice at the top border of my firfox browser it is yellow printed in black and infers that a web page is stoppinhg my firefox from working - but does not indicate which website - I n ow have all my everhelper andthe tabs back AFAIK - but I wish I had a contact with Nimbus - because there is no way I  am giving Nimbus up - it is a good servant to me and remembers all my dials - I did not need the download option THIS TIME but I expect them all to be GONE when I finish this script to you   whet I have now in the way of TABS is ever helper/me and kindle cloud reader and Ravelry  and this thing here - I wanted Amazon but that just appeared - I reckon to note maybe after all it is going to work - lets leave it at thst please - but please give me a means of contacting you guys if something goes wrong