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Paco 5 років тому оновлено Marcus Lindeberg 4 роки тому 12

When downloading from your website for IE:

Downloads\EverSyncIE (1).application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:
+ File, EverSyncIE.exe.config, has a different computed hash than specified in manifest.

Under review


We are working for fix.

Hi. Any news about the fix? :) Thanks

Changing the file http://fvdspeeddial.com/ie_sync/Application%20Files/EverSyncIE_1_4_6_0/EverSyncIE.exe.manifest:

Search for:


and replace with:


should to the trick.

It needs to be done by developers though.

Hope they'll give it a try...

Any news regarding this? Still waiting for an updated manifest file from your server...


Sorry. It isn' simle task. We are working.

OK, still waiting for a solution. Really need to get this working with IE!!!