Bookmarks added to wrong Chrome identity

SteveS801 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 7

This worthless extension Copied all of my bookmarks and added them to my wife's Chrome identity. Every time I open Chrome in her name, I try to delete them. Sometimes, they are re-added as I am deleting them. That's probably Google syncing what it now believes are her bookmarks because EverSync has told them that they are.

I have disabled and removed the extension and deleted my account. Problem persists.

Immediate fix required.

Do you have Chrome sync off? 

Yes and no. Turned it off and back on again.

So, I found the problem with the constant syncing: iCloud. But that doesn’t mean that this extension didn’t add the bookmarks from the wrong identity in the first place. For that reason and that reason alone, you suck. Good riddance.

Chrome Sync of bookmarks must be off.

No shit. Why is it that customer service and tech support don’t read comments fully or listen to a customer’s spoken words?

First you should understand that the extension can't tell Chrome what to sync. If you don't want to get your bookmarks on your wife's account, then you should delete them on her account. Also check all devices that keep her account. Sometimes it's hard to control what data Google keeps, but that how it works and we can't have influence on Google Chrome browsers. 

Our extension does bookmarks synchronization only between EverSync apps. If you have bookmarks downloaded into your browser from our servers, then Google will definitely use this browser data to update your google account. If you log in with your wife's google account it is going to use bookmarks in your browser and will upload them to Google servers. And it doesn't matter how did you added bookmarks. That's why we recommend to turn off Google Sync of bookmarks on all devices and use EverSync. To avoid conflicts of two sync apps.


Dude, listen to me:

On my computer I was using Chrome with multiple identities. I had a profile and my wife had a separate profile. We each had our own bookmarks. I was transitioning to Firefox and I searched for an easy way to keep MY bookmarks synced because I still use Chrome on my phone.

I found your app and I thought it was wonderful by the description. I was wrong. When I asked the extension to sync my Chrome bookmarks to my Firefox, I guess it couldn’t tell the difference between the two identities. I got both of our bookmarks in FF. My wife got both of ours in her Chrome. I don’t know how because it wasn’t until I asked EverSync to sync that this happened.

So, yes, it was your extension’s fault. I also found out that the repeated syncing was not your doing. It was iCloud that was repeatedly syncing her bookmarks as I deleted them. It did not realize I meant to delete them and readded them as I deleted them, every time.

I finally figured that out and deleted them on her Mac and they stayed gone.

Nonetheless, none of this would have happened if YOUR EXTENSION DIDN'T START THE MESS.

Very sorry about it.