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Firefox never completes syncing process

Vic 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

sync just runs and runs until i force it to shut down by closing firefox

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Do you want to download or upload dials?

It does not matter if upload or download - it simply never completes. Also,  I have a new clean firefox installed, latest version, and to my horror, I see that when I chose to overwrite "local" , it opens hundreds of windows to the tune of pushing firefox brink of 10 GB.

By now, I gave up on managing bookmarks with eversync. It never completes anyway. 

Too bad - it used to be good - but it gets worse as time goes on. Just wished there would be at least the option to html file, so I can sort them manually and forget using eversync.

Right now I am "downloading" the bookmarks and within a few minutes, it's using already 1.7GB in firefox. I will need to stop this before it reaches again 10 + GB's.

This is totally unreal.


You have more than 180.000+ bookmarks. It is necessary not only to download all the bookmarks, but also to load them into the Firefox database, where there are speed limits.

how do i use your tool to remove old urls that no longer go anywhere?

thx, v