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My dials have disapperared and how do I restore those from saved *.sd file?

sampi 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7
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1) Open Backups tab - moz-extension://c8691255-9a5e-407d-bdb3-712e4f07b273/options.html#sync

2) Press on the Show local bookmarks

3) Press on the restore from SD file


I don't find this button "restore from SD"

I created  my dials before recent sync registration, and saved to an sd file, but I can't restore this old file.

I need to use my old dials.


Go to Settings -> EverSync tab. Click Local backups and you'll see restore button:

I haven't a button like that, if it would be there, I wouldn't write, i'm not a supid guy.

Please reinstall addon in this case. Ok check for updates. We've updated it recently and added this button

ok, i see it

ok, it works