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Duplicates Bookmarks & Folders

Compstuff 4 years ago updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 29

I am syncing the latest versions of Chrome and FireFox and both have updated extensions and I am not using the built in syncing on either one. Your syncing is going haywire and not only duplicating folders and links but it just keep increasing and increasing. It also rearranges the items. I actually spent and entire day cleaning the mess up and it just happened again... this is really bad.

Under review


1) Do you use autosync sync in Eversync?

2) Did you manually disable internal synchronization in browsers?

1) YES

2) YES

I had both browsers open for about 2 hrs with syncing and backup enabled on both. I was working in FF cleaning up links and folders when all of a sudden the sync happened and I could actually see my toolbar reorganize and the duplicates create. I immediately turned off syncing and then later turned off the backups.

The top image shows Chrome and it didn't even bother creating any backups.

The bottom image is FF and shows the duplication.

I was working in FF cleaning up links and folders when all of a sudden the sync - How did you clean your links?

What do you mean??? If I no longer wanted a link I deleted it. If a link should have been in a different folder then I moved it. All manual decisions

Did you change links in browser or in web-client everhelper,me?

Ok, we will check.

Wow this is such a major issue and I will help in anyway I can but I cleaned up everything again today in FF and left the Chrome offline and disabled, to isolated just what would happen with FF. I then turned on the sync and backup again and in less than 3 hrs my bookmarks increased from 1291 to 7746!!!!

I am really confused now... I have syncing disabled yet overnight my bookmarks increased from 1291 to 2582 both online and in my browser, how can that be???

Also note that the backups are enabled but the timing of them is completely erratic and

2) 2/5/2019, 7:24:57 PM1611

  I restored 

11) 2/5/2019, 3:39:01 PM1291

Yet the number of bookmarks doesn't match...this is just so unstable I have no idea whats going on but this has turned into a daily project just to cleanup the mess every day. I will disable the extension until something changes!!!

1) Please tell me your account in Everhelper.

2) Do you use only EverSync or FVD Speed Dial too?

1) How can I tell you my account without putting my email address here?

2) I use both

You can write to team@nimbusweb.co

I sent it in an email Thanks


Please try to disable EverSync and sync your bookmarks with FVD Speed Dial - https://nimb.ws/DOQy0p

What the heck is this supposed to mean? The way I sync bookmarks is with FVD Synchronizer. Isn't that supposed to be the method? FVD speed dialer is just for the start page, is it not? Why would you have two extensions that are supposedly for the same purpose? Am I supposed to disable FVD Synchronizer (is this what you mean by "disable EverSync"?) and only use the speed dialer extension, because honestly, I don't use the speed dialer that much... Please clarify.


If you use the FVD Speed Dial, then you can synchronize bookmarks with it. You can disable EverSync and use only FVD Speed Dial

Sorry for delayed response been traveling for business and couldn't do anything until now. In FF 65.0.1 x64 when I try that its says I need to have EverSync extension installed but I do... it doesn't work at all. Below are pics of both EverSync and FVD options and the sync error, also notice FVD doesn't show bookmarks in browser




Should I be trying one of these?


Yes, please try to disable only EverSync - https://nimb.ws/yb8mYi

I'm not sure I understand when you say "disable". How do you want me to "disable" EverSync? The arrow you show me says FVD Synchronizer, yet the options on that button are EverSync helper, you want me to try that? This is very confusing and frustrating, I don't understand why this doesn't work?

Open about:addons and press on the Delete or Disable EverSync

I will have to restore my bookmarks before I do that because I pressed the sync and it messed them up again!

I restored my local backup which was the correct #, then I overwrote the server and emptied the trash, now they are in sync again. I disabled EverSync app. The blue sync button is gone and only the button shown below

Yes, it is right. You need to use this button for sync bookmarks - https://nimb.ws/XcbBdm

I will test this and report back

My initial tests working with just FF seem to work. I have re-enabled the 60 minute auto-sync of both the dials and the bookmarks and will wait to see if they sync properly. If they do then it would seem that the FF issues is resolved BUT I still have to get the FF <-> Chrome syncing to work which I will start testing after the 60 minute sync.

The very first thing I notice in Chrome is that the buttons work differently and disabling EverSync disables any visible method to manually sync, so I am already a bit concerned.

OK so it did the sync and everything seems to have worked great. Now I have to address the FF <-> Chrome syncing

The FVD Speed Dial button opens a new Speed dial page when pressed or the options page when selected. If I disable the EverSync extension then the blue button goes away and I have no manual sync method

I am happy to report that after extensive testing, this is now functioning correctly! FF <-> Chrome syncing has worked on its own with no errors or duplication. If you had a way to recognize and disable EverSync when FVD is installed, or at least issue a clear warning, this could have been avoided.

Thank You for such a good app and I would like to contribute to show my appreciation, especially for your support!

You are welcome :)