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Hello Lost all my bookmarks in Firefox, and impossible to restore from a file as I used to do sometime

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Did you sync your bookmarks? Do you see your bookmarks here - http://everhelper.me/client/ ?

Yes I used to do it, but in the restore menu, there is only very old backup (from 02 2018) . I have made a backup in December 2018 who would be great for me to restore, I have the file on my PC, but how to restore it from the menu, I can't see anywhere to specify a file to restore from.

Hello! Do you have the latest Firefox addon version? And you want to restore your dials from SD file? If this is correct, then you'll have wait for a while. We'll update our addon ASAP. Import/Export buttons will be returned to the Backup tab in EverSync module.

Yes Thank you for your feedback. Could you please confirm what you mean by " for a while" ? Are you speaking about hour, days weeks or months... just to know if I can wait or If I find another solution.

Thanlks in advance, I appriciate your quick answers.