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Performance impact: medium - even when no FVD tabs are openend.

Igor Abakumov hace 6 años actualizado hace 6 años 2


in Firefox v64 there is new TaskManager (shown on about:perfirmance), that shows the load, generated by every tab and addon. In my PC the FVD addon is shown with the poerormance index 1,3 or more - and commented with "Energy impact- Medium", even if there is no tabs with FVD opened.

Not that i see constant CPU load by firefox over 2%, but still it is somehow strange, that the addon, that should not do anything in background (when inactive) still marked as "Impact - medium".

Pls comment on this.

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1) Do you use sync feature?

2) How many dials do you have?

  1. No, No sync, no auto update.
  2. 2 groups: 1st with10 dials, 2nd - with 5.