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Firefox crashed and now speed dial is empty. This is the second time this happened and its very annoyng.

GameBandit Pc 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

that is all that happened and i cant find them anywhere

Under review


Can you describe this crash? Did you see any error? Did you use our sync feature?

i was watching youtube and suddenly mozilla firefox just closed no error at all. when i opened it again i got logged out of everything and all my dials dissapeard and all that remained was the most visited thing but even with that i lost some dials

Do you use eversync? Try to restore dials from backup in EverSync settings.

i tried restoring from backup but the only ones there are from after i started adding dials again

Add all dials you need and keep backup in file, also on our server via EverSync. Turn on auto sync, so you'll be able to restore data any time.

thx i will try that