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eversync lost over a thousand bookmarks dec 2018

rloyed 4 years ago updated by Janais Jain 4 years ago 1

eversync has lost ALL of my bookmarks and will only restore 1folder of about 80 or so folders- give or take of my original bookmarked folders.

i had over well over 1100 bookmarks,i noticed over time i would lose a few when i would refresh my browser and have to restore them,then i noticed that the sort order is completely screwed up,i have bookmarks that belong in 1 folder and they are either in the main folder now or even in other folders where they dont belong and didnt originate at.i have reported it a few times but nothing changed.

But,today i reimported them from eversync using the fvd speedial and i have just 1 folder with i think 4 bookmarks in it.What happened to all of my bookmarks??

Under review


Chrome or Firefox?

How did you import from FVD Speed Dial? Did you use Sync account or imported from local file?