How can I adjust the shadow

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How can I adjust the drop-shadow and flatten the bookmarks?

I guess that's a 'it can't be done.' then?

Don't understand what do you mea. Could you show it on screenshots?


Best if I show what I want to achieve. I am moving from Speed Dial 2 and attach a screenshot from that extension. I want to have the same flat icon as seen here not a convex curved icon and just a slight bottom shadow or none at all. I like this because it is a cleaner image to my eye.

You can switch to Standart mode and look at it. The shadow is only in the bottom:

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have it set like that but you see the difference to my Speed Dial 2 screenshot - your thumbnails are convex. I would like to select flat like in my example.

It's our design. I'll send your report to our dev team for discussion.

Thank you. Much appreciated. 

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