Can't sync or create new dials on Windows 10 Chrome beta

Hextanerf fa 5 anys updated by Gleb Khegay fa 5 anys 3


I recently built a new pc running Windows 10 Education and installed FVD speed dial into Chrome, but when I tried to sync my dials, it gets stuck at "Apply Changes". I also can't make new dials. Is this a write permission issue? I'm confused since the extension writes in user folder, which isn't locked with permission at all.

Do you see any errors in Console ?(F12) 

How many dials do you have? 

Could you tell us your account so we could check your dials on server.

I don't see any errors in Console. I'm using Windows 10 Education 1809 and I can sync alright on Windows 10 Home 1803 in the Opera extension. Last time I checked, all of my 40 dials are in the cloud. Thanks!

Can we try team viewer session?