Intermittent blank page on start-up.

INFOORE 4 years ago updated by mpspray58 4 years ago 4

Having an issue with opening FireFox / SpeedDial set as home page...regularly it's opening an Blank Window instead of speed dial on start-up. I have to open another Tab to be able to then see SpeedDial

Go to the extension settings and copy the address

Open Firefox Settings

Select Home page settings

Replace options.html with newtab.html

Find a different speed dial extension.  This one is so unstable, you will learn to hate it.

Yes, finding that out, tried it on to devices, and the second one just acts "weird". Already moved on. Too bad, the prior versions worked excellent.

Yes, until recently FVD was my best extension, loved it.  But now, for no reason, open Firefox, boom .... like a new install.  No dials, no history.  Restores easily from a local .sd file, but that backup does not remember my custom dials.  The server restore rarely works the first time.  Have to go in and rename storage to storage.old, then try again.  Boom .. sometimes pops up "turn on remember history" ... but remember history always has been on.  After several attempts eventually the server download works and I am happy once more, use it for weeks, then boom ...gone again.  Note to FVD -- it is not CCleaner that makes FVD reset to default.  Make sure you backup any change !!!!