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Constantly resets itself, can't load back ups, freezes, about to get a different app (using this one for many many years)

mpspray58 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Anytime Firefox updates I lose all my dials (and the db backups).  Restoring from the sd file works, but I lose all my custom dials, have to reset all of them (54).  Now Speed dial is resetting itself all the time randomly.  Got halfway thru my custom dial restoration, then it would not accept modifying any more dials.  Now it won't even reset from the sd file.  It says I have to set "remember history", but I have never had Firefox set any other way.  Getting too annoying to continue using.  Like an old blanket, it is hard to give up, but there must be better more stable apps then this one.

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How did you clean your system? DO you use Ccleaner or similar software?

but I lose all my custom dials - do you mean dials with own preview?

I do use CCleaner, have for years with no affect on FVD Speed Dial.  I just restored Speed Dial, modified my dials manually, got to the last three dials, would not let me modify any more dials.  Then I exited Firefox, re-started, FVD screwed up again.  No dials, like a blank page .  I go to account to restore my dials and a big blue sync logo appears, you can see it says I'm online in the background, but it is frozen, nothing I can do.  Shows I have no back-up, but clearly if I log onto my Everhelper in a new session, everything is there.  This is three times today, and CCleaner has not been used.

Same thing again, I start to edit each dial to use a pic from the gallery, then randomly it just stops letting me edit any dial.  The cancel button works, but not the modify.  Also when the mouse cursor moves over a group, it drops down to let you select it.  As long as the mouse button is over the group it stays pulled down.  But not on the main group.  I have to coax the group button to move down by repeatedly moving the mouse cusor on it, until if finally stays down and I can select it.  Often I have to select another group before I can get the main group to work.  Your program has bugs, and I can't keep doing this.  I am now creating bookmarks for my websites as a back-up method when this buggy app keeps failing.