How can I copy ALL speed dial URL in a group at once to paste it in an Excel sheet?

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I have about 250 speed dial files in the category/group - very annoying to copy & paste each of them separately...!

thx for your support

(re)hi all ☺

already 2 months ago, I asked the question above, but until now no reply yet...!

does that mean, that there's no easier way of copying & pasting than to open all dials at once meanwhile, I have hundreds to move (also to send the links by email)...!

any any idea or suggestion would be much appreciated - thx

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There is no such option to directly move dials to excel file. But you can try the following:

  1. upload your dials to our server via EverSync.
  2. Open everhelper.me/client
  3. Select all your dial and click Move button on the upper panel. Move dials to Bookmarks
  4. Go to Bookmarks tab and click Tools icon on the upper panel. Select Import/Export Bookmarks in the list.
  5. Make export to HTML file and save it on your PC. 

You'll have regulaк html file with the list of links. It can simplify a bit your work.