How is the Top and Bottom Feature Supposed to Work when adding a New Speed Dial?

Ponderosa 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

Hi Nimbus Web Support,

I noticed that when I add a New Speed Dial in the Create Speed Dial Menu that there is a Menu feature to Select the position of the Speed Dial placement on the screen.  The choice is either TOP or BOTTOM.  No matter which one I select, I notice that there is No difference between them in how they are displayed on the screen.

How is this menu feature Top or Bottom supposed to work? 

I am using Chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) on my MacBook Pro running High Sierra version 10.13.6

Thank you in advance for your response,


Hello! I think that you mean Group creathing. If you choose Top, then the group will be added in the begginning of group list. But if you choose Bottom, the group will be added in the end of group list.

Hi Gleb,

Your absolutely correct, I realized that after I issued the original Post above, I figured out what it meant after I went online using the EverHelper screen which made it clear to me.  I was thinking at the time that it would have allowed you to place a newly added Group name either on the Top or Bottom of the screen or allow you to create a second line of Groups.  Being a brand new user I was not familiar with Speed Dials full functionality.

Thank you for your response.