individual dial titles are always resetting after refreshing the dials

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d/find a thread to the topic mentioned...
having umpteen dials with individual titles I can skim thru quickly, it's very annyoing when the resetting happens

I d/have the time to put back the individual titles I need to quickly find a dial I need

how can this issue be avoided or solved?

btw, thx a bunch for this FF add-on - a huge help for my work! ♥

Hello! Do you mean local file preview for dial? What dial refresh you do? I've just checked: set local image for dial, also link to the image for dial. And then made Refresh via right-click menu. Everything stayed the same. 

Please record video of your problem for us or make step by step screenshots.

What is your OS, browser and addon versions? 

oh, hi Gleb
only now I saw your comment - I choose the option *refresh all*

Don't have such problem.

Do you have the latest version of Firefox and FVD Speed Dial?

I have noticed the same issue for quite some time, and it happens when refreshing a single dial as well as when I update the URL for a dial which prompts a refresh. I'm using FTV Speed Dial on both a MacBook Pro 2012 and a MacBook Pro 2017, both running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and both running Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106.

So, do you want to keep your manually typed dial title when refreshing dials preview?

We decied to refresh TITLE as well as preview because of users demands. 

Hello, Gleb. Thanks for the reply.

Exactly- a manually typed title should not be removed when refreshing the preview. If a title is not manually typed and is left as the default (URL or web page title), then it should update with a refresh. Or maybe even add a second line for the title- one that can be dynamic with the refresh and one that is manual and remains static.

Of course, doing all this with check-boxes in the options to enable or disable would probably please everyone.

Just to give an example: I have a lot of dials consisting of many, many different pages for one site (the website that I work for) and all of the site's page titles start with the same text. So, in the limited space available for a title, all of the dials from the one site appear to have the same title until I manually edit the title to what I need for identification. When I occasionally refresh the dials or the rare case that I import SpeedDial to a new computer, all of the dials are refreshed and none of the manual title remain.




Yes, title should be saved as-is and

  1. it should be available as-is in export and import settings.
  2. should be the same across chrome/firefox etc.

Hello. I'm still looking for a way to keep manually entered dial titles when refreshed. Can we look forward to an option in a future update? Thanks.

Hello. It has been over a year since the original post was submitted. I'm still looking for a way to keep manually entered dial titles when refreshed. Thanks.

Hello. It has now been over three years since the original post was submitted. I'm still looking for a way to keep manually entered dial titles when refreshed. I just had the need to perform yet another import and I have hundreds of custom dial titles that have now reverted back to generic site titles.

I am now considering this a BUG that needs to be fixed. Please let us know when the fix is done. Thank you.