"Auto Preview" doesn't work after 65.5.1 update when adding a new dial!

edrikh 6 ár síðan Uppfært 6 ár síðan 2

Since 65.5.1 "Auto Preview" doesn't work after adding a new dial, new update didn't help either! Before, it used to open another window next to "Add Dial" when we were adding a new URL, to choose ready made Icons.

Try to reinstall the addon, please. Save your data via backup or sync first.

Reinstalling addon didn't work. I reinstalled Firefox with adding FVD only, interestingly it didn't work at first (same issue) but today everything works fine!

Edit: I figured out FVD updated to 67.1.5 just today, so no wonder it works now! I was assuming i'm still using 66.5.5 when replied.