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Do you mean bookmarks or dials?

I was referring to Bookmark Folders. 

What OS and browser version do you use? Can we try Team Viewer session? 

I've just checked folder reordering and it works fine.

I am using a Windows 10 computer which is updated to Windows 10 version 1803, Build 17134.228.

The browser I am using is Chrome.


The issue is with the Bookmark Folders in the navigation area on the left and the folders in the Menu group for example.

I have attached a screenshot which shows the incorrect sorting.

If I select the Menu group and manually sort folders on the right hand side (excuse the description)  it keeps the sorting on the right hand side but then differs from sorting in the left side navigation area.

The sorting of Bookmark folders in the navigation area on the left cannot be changed.

There are no options to sort folders on the left hand navigation area in contrast to the Android App which does have sorting options for it's navigation area on the left side, namely; Date, A - Z or Manual.

I feel the should be options to sort automatically as is the case with the Android App.

I am reluctant to use Team Viewer.


I have just installed Firefox and synced. The Navigation Area on the left side of the Web App displays the Bookmark Folders alphabetically in contrast to Chrome.

There are also no sort options but at least it is A -Z. 

I have no idea why Firefox would be correct and Google incorrect!

Ok. then create video of your problem for us. Also tell  us your account login.