Chrome/Firefox not syncing bookmarks from the Bookmarks bar.

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Chrome/Firefox not syncing bookmarks from the Bookmarks bar.

FireFox downloads Chromes Toolbar bookmarks to the Bookmarks Menu location.

Chrome see no bookmarks when trying to upload FireFox Toolbar Bookmarks.


Tell us your OS, Chrome and Firefox version, EverSync versions. Do you use built-in EverSync that comes with FVD Speed Dial in Firefox? 

Also tell us your account login, so we could check it on our server.

What steps do you do?


Account: bhups.bhudia@gmail.com

FireFox - 61.0.2 (64-bit)

Addon - EverSync - Sync bookmarks, backup favorites 15.5.1

Google Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Extension - EverSync - Sync bookmarks, backup favorites 17.1.1

Both browsers were working perfectly until I noticed today that they were not syncing to when adding a new bookmark.

Nothing has changed (that I know of) on my side and so am confused as to why it had stopped working.

Upon noticing the issue, I forced Firefox to download the bookmarks from the server, and when I did this, all the bookmarks disappeared from the Toolbar. Then looking further, I saw them in the "Bookmarks Menu" section. (or the other way round, i.e. they may have disappeared on Chrome).

Either way, the Bookmarks in the toolbar do not seem to sync to the correct places.

Go to everhelper.me/client and login there.Check your bookmark database. Make all bookmarks as you want them to be. Then reinstall addons in Chrome and Firefox. 

Then do Download in both browsers, do changes and try sync between browsers.

Use backups on everhelper.me to keep your data on your PC in case something goes wrong.


This is still not working.

Bookmarks are still syncing in different places.

I've now got them to sync in "Other bookmarks" on both browsers, but on https://everhelper.me/client/ they are on the Menu section.

They still do not sync properly from Toolbar as they download to different places on the browser.

This is really strange.

Infact, I've just noticed that the bookmarks are synced in different folders different computers.

PC 1



PC 2


Let's make it clear.

As Chrome has different root folders for Bookmarks, keep in mind the following:

- Chrome Toolbar = Firefox Toolbar

- Chrome Other bookmarks = Firefox Bookmarks Menu

- Firefox Other bookmarks = THERE IS NO SUCH FOLDER in Chrome. That's why you can't transfer Firefox "Other bookmarks" folder to Chrome browser. You can only sync Firefox Other Bookmarks folder to our server or other Firefox browser.

You probably got Other bookmarks folder filled on your  PC 1 because of server folder Other bookmarks that you uploaded earlier. You can check it on everhelper.me/client

I understand your points.

However, I went to everhelper.me/client and deleted all the bookmarks, then exported the bookmarks from Chrome, then imported them from everhelper.me/client into the Toolbar folder, then I did download on both browsers. This still did not put the bookmarks into the Toolbar folder for both browsers.

I will do this again and show the screen prints of my actions.

Thank you! If it's possible, create video (screen cast) or we can try team viewer session.