I cannot create a new dial nor modify an existing one

premier69 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 3

Should I maybe delete my settings for FVD and start over? I've had it for years and suppose something's gotten corrupted on my windows version of firefox, i don't have this issue on linux manjaro.

where in windows are the settings stored? simply removing the firefox addon and reinstalling it didn't reset it.

Try to reinstall addon, please.

if you mean from the firefox addons tab then that does nothing to remove the settings, all dials and such are still there.

Yes, I mean open Firefox addons page (Ctrl + Shift + A). Delete FVD Speed Dial and then install it again.


After reinstalling FVD Speed Dial should be reseted. 

But before you do that, create backup of your dials in EverSync or use Synchronization with our server