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I have several duplicate folders in IE.

miriama59 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 3

This started a couple of weeks ago. I upload from Firefox to Eversync. Then I download that to IE. Only now, several folders are duplicating in IE. Not every folder but several.

Under review


Do you see duplicates here - https://www.everhelper.me/client/ ?

No. The only duplicates are in IE. And while one is correct, the duplicate has old favorites in it. For instance, I have a folder marked Monday in FF. It duplicates in IE. One folder is correct. The other has not been updated and has previous favorites in it.

Could you please, send us your bookmarks database and describe your actions step by step? I've just tried to sync Firefox and IE and have no duplicates.

Also we need to know the version of your OS, browsers and addons, eversync.