Don't show available dial slots when screen is full

Leigh 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

As dials are added to a tab, the software ensures that there are always slots available to add new dials.  This works great until the last dial on a fully maximized screen is shown, and then it adds a whole line of empty dials that are partially visible and a scroll bar.  They way I work, I would rather user a tab until it is full and then switch to another tab for more dials rather than add dials to the same page with a scroll bar.  The only way I can facilitate this currently is to leave the last dial always empty.


You can only turn off the option of adding dial slot in settings.

I didn't realize that.  I had looked, but didn't see it.  I looked again based on your reply and found "Show [+] speed dial button".  Turning this off resolved my issue.  Thanks.