Syncing remove almost all bookmarks locally

Sylvain Martel 6 ár síðan updated by Nasim Sadikov 6 ár síðan 7

When I am syncing now on Firefox(61), either on Windows or Linux, the sync only leaves 59 bookmarks locally of the 1200 I have.  So I have to redownload the bookmarks, but I lose all the new one that were on my computer. 

Hello, have you registered in Eversync? If yes, write your login please.

Your full login please. As e-mail.

Do you have Chrome and Firefox bookmark sync OFF? 

How does it happen? Please, describe your steps to get this bug.

I only use FF , sync is Off.  I only use manual syncing with eversync.  The bug happened when I simply clicked "Start Synchronisation" in eversync. Of the 1129 bookmarks, only 59 were left on the computer and all the new bookmarks that were not on the server side were lost.  If I do it right now, it's fine, but this happened when I manually synced on 2 computers 3 days ago.  When it happened, it had been a while since the previous sync since I had not made change to the bookmarks in a while before that.


We checked you profile. You have 617 active bookmarks and 516 deleted. If something is deleted or added it syncs normally.

We advice you to reinstall you addon and login again. If it doesn't help, can we try on teamview?