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term, "tone", refers to occurs of muscular tension: finish relax indicates zero muscular tone; finish initial indicates maximum possible muscular large. Some people believe that the more overall overall tone, the better; others believe that finish pleasure is better. As you will see, where overall overall tone is concerned, it's neither; better-integrated is better, and better-integrated indicates more freedom to modify accurately to changing conditions -thrivemax - freedom and balance. Your thoughts coordinates the movements and overall overall tone of thrivemaxs; overall overall tone changes as position changes in activity. That's what is meant by "supple." Supple psoas thrivemax cells have the feeling of spaciousness, support, freedom and length at your entire personal whole body primary. The term rolfers use is, "open primary." When psoas thrivemax cells do their job of stabilizing the central source, they relieve the abdomen wall thrivemax cells of some of that task; your abdominal thrivemaxs have the feeling of pleasure and 100 % completely free breathing. The term rolfers use is, "free sleeve." Healthy functioning of the musular system gives the skills with "open primary, 100 % completely free sleeve." Open core/free sleeve is the feeling of trunk/spine length, flexibility and balance. HEALTHY FUNCTION "Healthy", in this sense indicates, "getting the intended outcome with the least effort." Where activity is concerned, the word, "graceful", applies. Graceful activity is cost-effective movement; awkward activity