FVD is keep storing the unwanted/deleted dials

bckey4 5 years ago updated by bcley4 5 years ago 2

steps to re-produce :

go to your firefoxprofile>storage>default>fvd's folder (b4b17135..)

now add some dials. the folder's size will be increased. (i think fvd stores thumbnails/dials in that folder)

delete those dials and the folder's size wont be reduced back.

Hello! Do you still see deleted dials in FVD Speed Dial? Or just determine the problem by folder's size? 

Hi. you guys can try it too. its easy to reproduce. heres an example:

1-)I checked the FVD's folder in %firefoxprofile%>storage>default>%FVD's UUID%

Size : 992 KB.

2-) I add this page to dials.

Size : 1.13 MB

3-) I remove this page from dials. (Right click > delete dial >ok )

Size : 1.12 MB

Again (x2) :

I add this page to dials.

Size : 1.35 MB

Removed again.

Size : 1.29 MB

Again (x3) :

I add this page to dials.

Size : 1.52 MB

Removed : 1.51 MB

what i did was adding and removing 3 dials.

now i dont have any dials but FVD's storage occupies %55 more space.

maybe the extension doesnt delete thumbnails after captured them?