​All dials and tabs missing! Firefox 61.0. - FVD SpeedDial 66.1.8

JSH LA, CA 6 years ago updated by Anne Atkinson 3 years ago 8

I can log into and see backups on Eversync website but cannot see backups in FVD Sync.

- Mac OS 10.13.5

- Firefox 61.0.

-  FVD SpeedDial 66.1.8

- Eversync Pro account.

- Speeddial on Chrome is working


Hello. Show us a screenshot or make a video. Write your login please. 


What are you asking for by "Write your login please."?

See below for screenshots.

1-  SpeedDial after dials and tabs disappeared. The tab "Ent" is one I've started rebuilding since it happened.

2- Have since been able to see my account showing old backups. However, they do NOT show in back ups tabs (screenshot 3)

3- Only recent backups show. When FVD SD first started with all dials/tabs missing NO backups showed here.

4- SpeedDial Chrome backups.

5- EverHelper Premium Acct
6/7- Preferences

Thank you for the screenshot. Your "LOGIN" that you use for your account in FVD Speed dial. We'll check your account via your Login.

Hello! Please, check your database in web-version. Do you see there all dials you want to restore? 

Go to EverSync Settings and choose Download option to download all your dials from our server to you mac.

As I see on your screenshots you have local backups. What do you mean by "but cannot see backups in FVD Sync" ? 

Also your account would help, if we need to restore your previous backups no our server. But as you use PRO-subscription, you can do it yourself.

What actions caused this fail? We know that Firefox has database problems, especially if you use cleaners and anti-virus software.

By "cannot see backups in FVD Sync" I meant under the SD backups tab in browser: 3rd screenshot, showing only 2 tabs&44 dials (the ones I'd starting to rebuild). Immediately after break could not see any.

I could however see 300+ dials backup under account tab (screenshot 2) and in EverHelper online database.

But, clicking Restore from EverHelper online database was not working. Trying it again just now-having done nothing else- it DID RESTORE dials!!  ?

-No actions I'm aware of caused this before. Firefox had auto updated to v62 but a few days prior.

-I've run Malwarebytes twice on this Mac, but that was over a week before break.

-Don't use any third party cleaners or firewall

For future reference where are local .sd backups stored? Spotlight search only shows one local .sd backup dated Jan 21 2018 that I had made.

Also, no longer seeing an option anywhere to save backups locally.  ?

Thank you, JH

In Firefox FVD Speed Dial you can create local backups from here:

What happens when you try to restore dials from here? 

Can we try Team Viewer session?