Popular tab is not sorting pages anymore

txwhistler fa 6 anys updated by Gleb Khegay fa 6 anys 4

Love the extension, but for some reason the popular tab is not sorting any of the links anymore.

Hello, can you please write your LOGIN. We will check what's the matter with your extension.

Hello! Please, send us your dials database and account info. We'll check it. 

I'm assuming you are referring to an Eversync account, which I don't have.  Could you let me know if I need one in order for the popular tab to work, or whether you are asking so that you can troubleshoot?  

I can create one if it will help, but could you confirm you are referring to an Eversync account?

Thank you for your time.

Ok. If you don't have EverHelper account now, it's ok, but we highly recomment to create it and use to sync your data with our server.

We need your database as backup that you can get in Settings