Double loading of the Speed Dial Screen

Yoru3 6 років тому оновлено Gleb Khegay 6 років тому 3

This problem occurs on the most recent Firefox version, under both Windows 7 and Linux (Lite).

As far as I can recall, the feature has been there since the new add-on regime, which is some time ago now.

It can be seen when you produce a new Speed Dial screen with a new tab, and after it has loaded, slide the screen down a bit, just a few dials. After several seconds, the whole Speed dial screen will load again. And it appears that a URL address entry in the address bar, is locked out until the second load has occurred.

If it was just the one machine I'd suspect some sort of virus, but the exact thing happens on two different machines, under two different operating systems.

Could you please, make video of your problem. We can't repeat it.

I'm not into making videos, but I don't think that would help much anyway. Would be like watching paint dry, with just a sudden update at the end.

I was thinking of removing the add-on and then re-installing, but not sure if I'd lose all the dials nowadays. Are they still stored on the machine, in a defined directory, where they can be backed up and restored, as before?

Use EverSync to create local backup of your dials. Also you can sync it with our servers via EverSync. One more option: open settings and click Export button, then copy code of your dials to notepad. After reinstalling addon you can import copied code via settings.