Won't Work in Both Browsers

David Miller 6 лет назад обновлен 6 лет назад 4

I know this is probably an uncommon problem, but everytime I switch between Firefox and Firefox Developer's Edition I have to reinstall the extension on the browser I am about to use.

Image 1341

You should create a new profile in Firefox (not firefox developer"s edition) and install FVD speed dial. If it works normally, the problem is with firefox developer"s edition. Do you know how to create a profile in Firefox?

I don't know what changed, but I went to make another profile like you suggested after reinstalling it in the regular Firefox. When I opened the developers edition it works just fine. Thanks for your help, though.

Nice work. Thank you for being our user.


And thank you for such good and useful software. YOur extension makes life easier.

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