Wrecked my bookmarks......AGAIN!

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Eversync was recommended when Xmarks finally closed up shop, so I'm giving it a try.  

The reason I want to use a bookmark sync such as this.  My wife and I use different browsers on several different computers.  We also rely on our bookmarks.  That's why we make them, create folders for them and sort them.

So far Eversync is, how shall I say............less than optimal!  It has wrecked our bookmarks multiple times in the last few weeks!  I just spent 2 hours....again....trying to save as many as I could.

Duplicates, some as many as 20 or 30 times.  Hundreds in the Trash bin, several hundred over my "limit" and so could only go through the first 500 for retrieval.

Dozens of folders that had bookmarks in them, now empty.

Should I go back to my old images and restore from those?  In which case I lose all the bookmarks we've made since then.  Or do I keep what I've got and forget the older ones I've lost.

I will tell you this, this is NO way to entice me to pay you $40 or $50 dollars a year!

Good Grief!

Wow, huge plate of crow to eat here. 

I now believe it was Opera browser causing this problem.  I believe this is the case because I was looking at the Opera Bookmarks Trash folder when I SAW it add bookmarks/duplicates of bookmarks to the Trash folder!

I don't yet know just what's going on there but have moved back to Firefox as my default browser and will watch more carefully to see if the problem stops.

At some point I will ask a mod to delete this entire post.  But first I'd like to try and determine just what's happening.

So for now, assuming I am correct this time, all I can do is shout out my APOLOGIES to Eversync! 

Good Grief, indeed!

Good day!

Let's find out where is the problem together.

1) Tell us your account

2) Check if your switched off Bookmark Synс in browser's settings. This one must be turned off:

Chrome, Firefox, Opera native Sync is the reason of duplicates problems. We advise our users to turn it off. 

3) Clean your bookmarks database (delete duplicates, collect all bookmarks that you need, make your bookmarks database as it should be) and make backup of your bookmarks to file. You can do it in any browser, so you could have a copy if something goes wrong again.

4) Let us know what actions do you use when syncying: qukck sync (just click Start synchronization button) or merge, download, upload in EverSync settings?

5) You can user http://everhelper.me/client web version to clean bookmarks duplicates.

EverSync Page in FirefoxDown to my last few hundred bookmarks!

EverHelper Acct PageSame set of bookmarks deleted over and over again

Thanks for the reply Gleb Khegay, I appreciate it.  However much of what you recommend I had learned about from using xmarks for nearly 10 years.

For the last few days I've been steadily trying to find out what was happening and why.  I now know the what, but sadly, not the why.

I first noticed that my bookmarks were disappearing when I went to a folder that should have had a couple dozen bookmarks in it and it was empty.  When I dug a little deeper I discovered that about half my 3500 bookmarks were missing.  I restored all that I could from a backup and carried on.  Again, I'm somewhat used to this too, having dealt with xmarks for the last couple of years!

Now, my wife and I both use Firefox, Chrome and Opera on different machines and virtual machines on a regular basis. 

Several days ago I stumbled across the Opera trash folder and noticed that there were thousands of bookmarks in it.  When I checked the EverHelper acct page trash folder I discovered that I was over my limit by thousands!  So I blamed EverSync. 

Later, using Opera again I saw that bookmarks were appearing in the trash folder AS I WATCHED!  So, what did I do?  I blamed Opera! 

That's when I left a post above, apologizing for the first post!  :-)

Then I decided to try and find out just what was happening.  I cleaned everything up, restored my bookmarks and had my wife and I use only Chrome for a day. 

Used Chrome for a day and no issues.  Bookmarks remained as they were.  This included adding and deleting bookmarks and syncing either manually or letting EverSync do its auto sync every half hour.

Then we did the same thing with Opera.  Again, no changes to the bookmarks except those we made. 

THEN on to Firefox.  After using it for a while EverSync did an auto sync and while I watched ALL my bookmarks disappeared and then reappeared!  By the way, I keep all my bookmarks in a few toolbar folders and that's how I could watch them disappear.  I checked EverHelper acct page trash folder and sure enough there were the 4 folders full of bookmarks, over 3000.

I carried on into the day and after a while there were thousands more in the EverHelper Trash folder, I think over 50,000.  So for whatever reason, whenever a sync happened, whether manual or auto, it deleted all my bookmarks and then replaced them in Firefox.  Problem was that each time EverSync replaced them it came up short.  After several syncs I was down to just over 500 bookmarks in Firefox.

So, what about all the bookmarks in Opera's Trash folder?  Obviously EverSync was syncing ALL the bookmarks folders including the Trash Folder.  Opera is the only browser I use that has a Trash folder so EverSync was moving all the bookmarks from its Trash folder into the Opera trash folder whenever the Opera bookmarks were synced.  (That should probably stopped/fixed.)

I then uninstalled Firefox, ran 2 registry cleaners looking for Firefox leftovers, did a manual cleaning of any Firefox or Mozilla folders or files I could find and then reinstalled using Firefox reset/clean install setting.  It popped up during reinstall since I had missed SOMETHING during my cleaning and asked if I wanted clean reset.

Since then I've used Firefox, ( and all my browsers), with EverSync WITHOUT AN ISSUE.  There has been no loss of bookmarks and EverSync no longer deletes all my bookmarks before restoring them during sync as it had done.

It will take a more knowledgeable hand to figure out what happened than I can offer.  Best I can do is, "Glitch in the Matrix"!!

My apologies for this long post!  I just wanted to explain as best I could what happened.



We are currently working on repeating your problem, but unsuccessfully. Please, let us know if the problem appears again