Firefox 60 google search button & tiles of FVD Speed dial

difool2nice 6 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Gleb Khegay 6 lat temu 1

- Why the hell when i click google search button all my searches are redirect on yahoo search page ?

- Could you add the ability to have a tweaking about tiles shapes as sharp corners (real square tiles) and not rounded corners ?

- When refreshing tiles, FF opens a tab corresponding to the url to refresh it then closes it when done ! old super-start dial addon refreshed it without that kind of trick

- When putting a black background, text becomes black too but all my fonts color parameters are white ! i have to set all text &fff0 to show them but not realy white !

Anyway, this is for me the best speed dial addon with so much parameters to config ! love it ! you did a really good work

- Search is based on IP and geo locations. We can't change it in FVD Speed Dial, but you can alternatively user Live Start Page addon https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/live-start-page-lst/

- we don't have the ability to change shape of tiles, but will add it to our task list for discussion.

- due to new Firefox Quantum engine we can't use old method of refreshing dial's preview.

- about font color - it's bug. we'll fix it in the next update. Thank you!