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Очень плохо работает

Постоянно вылетает профиль. закладки очень плохо синхронизируются.Это началось месяца 3 назад.Задолбали новости. Сделайте обновления назад, как было. Раньше всё нормально работало.

Folders instead of groups or both.

Crear una carpeta que contiene de línea a medida que más diales, y expandir para seleccionar la línea que desea.
Con un buen efecto.

не отображаются кнопки синхронизации в аккаунте EverSync

MaTaL0 6 lat temu w EverSync - Chrome • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez nimbusweb 6 lat temu 1
не отображаются кнопки синхронизации в аккаунте EverSync

Background Image Timescale : Options

Leon 6 lat temu w FVD Speed Dial - FireFox 0

(1) Option to change the background image at certain times of the day. Users could create a local file list / URL list and its time span, for example "image_1.jpg" from 0800 to 1200, "image_2.jpg" from 1200 to 1800, etc. (2) Option to designate a folder of background images that randomly change at timed intervals, e.g. every 2 hours or every 6 hours.


YouTube quick links

Nick Lance 4 lat temu w FVD Speed Dial - Chrome / Widgets For FVD Speed Dial • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Best On Demand 4 lat temu 1

wont let me connect my youtube account, so now when I click on my channel option in the FVD speed dial widget section, it loads up a channel that doesnt exist

W trakcie analizy

FVD Speed Dial not right.

Brooks Ingersoll 5 lat temu w FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez nimbusweb 5 lat temu 1
Wow I was worried. Thought I had lost it all. Just updated to Chrome Version 40.0.2214.115 m and all is well now with FVD Speed Dial.

Mouse integration.

It woulde be gr8 if I could open dials in new tab with a middle mouse button, while opening in a same tab with left one. This way speeddial would behave the same firefox does.

For gods sake,

stop with these update logs and similar stuff on new tabs. It opens even when there were no updates. And what was that thing showing your other products when I clicked the speed dial button? It was supposed to go to the speed dial page, not that.


pims9 6 lat temu w FVD Speed Dial - FireFox 0

create app for android

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