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проблема с постоянно появляющимися окнами в строке состояния

Alex K 4 aastat tagasi uuendaja nimbusweb 4 aastat tagasi 2

Здравствуйте! У меня проблема с пользованием расширерения FVD media для Chrome.

Постоянно вылетают окошки, которые становятся активным "заглавным" окном. Так при работе в любом приложении (например Ворде) пропадает возможность печатать, так как окно становится неактивным. Вот и сейчас пока писал 2 раза возвращал окно Хрома в "актив". Это очень неудобно и раздражжает. Как исправить ????


EverSync doesn't keep/save the sequence of bookmarks on the other computers. That is very annyoing.

Calle Wieners 6 aastat tagasi 0
see heading. Bookmarks are all mixed up within their folders on the 2nd/3rd computer.

cambiar la interfaz

Zephon zeta 6 aastat tagasi 0
la interfaz de firefox y chrome debería ser la misma, ya que cuando uno trata de sincronizar, exportar y guardar marcadores siempre están en diferentes lugares.
La interfaz del menu da lo mismo, lo que importa es que sincronice los marcadores de igual manera en google chrome como en firefox

Is there a way to switch to Speed Dial page by a left/right click like Top Sites does?

Bob Ginn 5 aastat tagasi 0
I liked the option in Top Sites of a simultaneous left-right mouse click to switch from whatever is up at the time to go to the Speed Dial page (which I have as my home page) so as to not have to slide back up to the icon in toolbar and not have so many tabs up at once. Especially when the tab page I'm on needs to be closed anyway. Did I miss something in help section or is this maybe feasible to do?

Styling Customization

Reza Dadashi 6 aastat tagasi uuendaja Remyy Luncaii89 6 aastat tagasi 1
Option to define the number of rows and columns, and WHITE space in between.

Also, be able to put blank dials in between non-blank dials rather than all at the end.

Great app overall. 

adnan dizdarevic 5 aastat tagasi 0

    How to make Firefox to open bookmark/external links in a current FVD tab?

    Daulet Nurashev 6 aastat tagasi uuendatud 6 aastat tagasi 1
    How to make Firefox to open bookmark/external links in a current FVD tab? Usually Firefoxt starts with a default FVD tab as a home page, and when you are opening a bookmark/external link it opens in a new tab instead of being open in a already opened FVD tab... How to customize it? Plz help

    incorrect username or password please sign in again.

    Jesse Dye 6 aastat tagasi 0
    When I try to sync I get "hundreds" of dialogue window "popups" very quickly that state "incorrect username or password please sign in again."  I have to quit Chrome then right click the taskbar icon of the "popup" and click "Close all Windows" to get them to go away.

    widget is located in back of left App scroll ..?

    Bill Goodman 6 aastat tagasi 0
    weather widget is blocked by widget leftside scroll

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