It would be nice if I could change dials background color opacity when set to "Fancy" style

Nodar 1 year ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome 0

I like when I set my site logos so that they are easily seen, I normally set dials opacity to 50% so that it doesn't cover my background wallpaper, but when set to Fancy style dials themselves are quite dark and it gets harder to read texts on the logos. I tried the other option too, but I don't like when dials move when hovering mouse cursor over them.


DuckDuckGo for search default

yaddo 1 year ago 0

I want DuckDuckGo as my default search.

It is a deal breaker.


Holiday Pictures

Larry Weiss 1 year ago 0

I enjoy being able to see full pictures without blank black squares blocking the view. That being said, your selection is very limited. I've noticed that you do not offer any holiday pictures. Do you plan to add any.

Under review

find duplicate dials (FVD) or can you?

Dan Bennett 1 year ago in FVD Speed Dial - Chrome • updated 12 months ago 2
Under review

Firefox: don't work search in speed dial

Alex I 1 year ago in FVD Speed Dial - FireFox • updated 1 year ago 3

FireFox 49.0.2.

don't work search in speed dial:


Firefox не может найти сервер fvdmedia.com.

Проверьте, не допущена ли ошибка при наборе адреса, например, ww.test.ru вместо www.test.ru
Если ни одна страница не загружается – проверьте настройки соединения с Интернетом.
Если компьютер или сеть защищены межсетевым экраном или прокси-сервером – убедитесь, что Firefox разрешён выход в Интернет.

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my fvd page not showing up.. it just keep loading...

Mist 1 year ago • updated by nimbusweb 1 year ago 1

As topic said..

If tech need more detail information please let me know..

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How to delete a dial?

ebz 1 year ago in EverHelper.com - Web Client • updated by nimbusweb 1 year ago 1