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Hi. Thank you for the information. We will inform our programmers and they will fix it. 

Hi. As I understand your search engine is yandex. If you use Fvd speed dial in Germany, it shouldn't show russian search engine. 

Do you use any proxies?

Activate title for dials in what Browser?

Hi. Could you write your Firefox version? Have you tried to restart FVD Speed Dial? 

Hi. What operations do you do except using eversync IE?

Haven't you used any cleaners? 

Haven't you tried to restart the addon?

We understand your situation. But there is another addon where you can easily manage search engines. Live start page.

But you can use the GROUPS BUTTON to filter your dials?

Вы имеете в виду добавить возможность в FVD speed dial. Опишите ваше предложение детально пожалуйста.

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