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Few improvement for suggestions

OnE 12 months ago in Nimbus Note updated by nimbusweb 12 months ago 1

I've been longing for an Evernote competitor. Onenote is out of the question due to its syncing issues. Here are few suggestions which, if available, I would sign on immediately. (I'm on android and win desktop)

Good features currently available that I really need

 - almost like EN. Shifting to this would be easy

 - ability to import from EN. 

 - pwd entire page of notes, not just selected texts

 - autofwd from email

- ink notes for mobile

- ability for multiple tree in a folder + workplace(s)

- time & place reminder

Features important for me but not available in Nimbus Note (suggestions)

1) win desktop version - ability to MERGE notes 

2) ability to at least view images, pdf directly within the app, not just as an attachment. In desktop images and pdf are seen only as attachment above the note. Some people need the pdf & images in chronological order within a note. In mobile only images are directly visible, while pdf is in attachment. 

3) dark mode (not just the left bar) for desktop UI

4) ability to pwd/encrypt entire notebook

Under review


1) We are working on a new editor in which this feature will be.

2) Same :)

3) We have this feature in to-do.

4) Yes, we have this feature in our to-do too.