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Sluggish, seems buggy, nonintuitive for me.

cougaralias 6 days ago in Nimbus Note • updated by nimbusweb 6 days ago 1

I thought it might be an alternative to Evernote, and had high hopes for Nimbus. Download went smoothly, and my data populated very nicely. But it was clumsy to use, and seemed kind of buggy at times- odd things would happen. . Non-intuitive, at least for me. I couldn't seem to organize it the way I wanted. Also, my computer is fast, so no reason for sluggish response. I bagged it after a few days of not exactly frustration, but just not feeling comfortable. Thought I might come back to it, took another look and decided it was just taking up space. So uninstalled.  Don't email me. I just wanted people to know why I ended up dumping Nimbus. It might be just the right thing for other people. 

Under review


Did you use version 3.1?  You write about non-intuitive Can you give any suggestions?