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i have no idea what this thing is doing or how to use it,it is something i just dont understand,sorry!

Katy Bryant James 4 years ago 0

sorry have no understanding of this thing! or what it does i am a techie at all,just someone wanting to use use google and play and read games and reviews, ty, Katy b James


Many features, but not as beautiful as Speed Dial for Chrome

Alexander Kruck-Kneip 4 years ago 0
You have got many features, but this programm is not as beautiful as Speed Dial for Chrome

doesnt work

Mike Lefler 4 years ago 0
doesnt work

because i need it to be 100% faster so it will load

Doug Field 4 years ago 0
because i need it to 100% faster so my broser will load


no esta en español

Ramon Llanes 4 years ago 0
no esta en español, no se cambiar de posición los marcadores (cuadros) en la pantalla (otros si lo hacen)

Limited preview customisation and no timer refresh

Tero Teki 4 years ago 0

I'd like to scale/crop the thumbnails and have automatic updated refreshes. The sync/lock features are pointless to me.

Under review

It doesn't work on Linux. Crashes on wine.

th3pr0ph3t 2 years ago • updated by nimbusweb 11 months ago 7

Very slow

Javier Dominguez 4 years ago 0

Waaay too resource heavy

lenia2020 2 years ago 0