Bookmarks Checker Add-on description (duplicate bookmarks)

Captain_Cosmotic 3 years ago in Bookmarks Checker • updated 3 years ago 0

Scan for duplicate folders.
Scan for empty folders.
Scan in several threads.
Set time-out setting for bookmarks.

Please add this line to the addon description:

"Scan for duplicate bookmarks."

In my opinion this is really a main feature of your addon. Unfortunately this feature isn't mentioned anywhere. I've been searching for an addon which is able to detect and delete duplicate bookmarks for some time now until someone finally recommended Bookmarks Checker. I came across BC before, but didn't install it, because this feature wasn't advertised. There are more people out there desparateley looking for an addon which is able to scan for bookmark duplicates. (There is an addon called "Bookmark Dedublicator", but this one doesn't give you a choice which bookmark to delete).

Thank you very much!