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Handy Hadisenjaya 4 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 4 years ago 3
I am currently using Nimbus Note for my work and starting to love it. I have below wish list to make Nimbus Note more powerful tools and of course my favorite tools:
  • A view to see all Todo List from all notes (including the ones that have been done). In current version we can only see Todo List inside a note, and when we make it complete then we cannot sort the notes by it anymore.
  • Reminder, that can be set for a note or todo list. It would popup at scheduled date and time.
Hope you can add those features in future version.

Great job!!!
Under review

1) Tasks from all note or maybe you need separate TODO-list ?

2) Yes, we are working for remindes. We have made reminders for Windows Phone. And will make reminders for Android, iOS and Windows very soon.
Based on your current design/concept that the task (to-do) is part of a note, what I wish is at least I can see all tasks from all notes in one view.

But I also have a need that for a task I could put note, e.g. results of what I have done for that task. So, it's the other way around with your current design. The concept is note and task (to-do) are different things but it could have link each other.