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My toolbar doesn't do a thing!

Ginger Namgostar 5 years ago in Nimbus Capture / FireFox updated by Stephen Paschall 5 years ago 10
Trying out Nimbus screenshot for the first time.
I click on the "N" icon at the top of the screen when I want to capture a whole webpage.... a new tab opens up where it looks like I can use the top toolbar to edit it in a number of ways... except nothing happens when I click on ANY of the options.
The only way I am able to save my screenshot (after not being able to edit it at all), is to right-click and 'save-as'.

What am I missing????

(I'm running windows 8.1).... (obviously, I took this screenshot with the standard 'PrtSc' button on my keyboard, and pasted it into paint)
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Please tell me version of Firefox and your OS.

Maybe try http://www.teamviewer.com/ ? 
How is that a solution?  Are you suggesting we do a screenshare to solve the problem???
or does teamviewer have a screencapture tool... so I don't use nimbus, but use it instead?
I'm having the same problem. Been using Nimbus for some time now, but suddenly the image editor isn't working anymore. All of the controls appear to be dissociated from the image viewer -- the buttons visibly respond to clicks, but, e.g., the zoom controls don't do anything and none of the drawing controls work. FF 34.0 on Win7 SP1.
Ditto on everything Stephen Paschall said. ▲
will there be a fix for this incompatibility with FF 34?
Can we use http://www.teamviewer.com/ for check problem on your PC? it is absolutely safe.
I suppose we could do that, but....
1) how do we set up a time that works for us to do this?  Do you have an email or phone #?
2) I am not the only one experincing this. As you can see from this thread, as well as ones posted before me, that this is a wide-known problem. It is not only myself who is experiencing this.
I'd love to help, guys, but I'm really not comfortable doing it via some flavor of RDP. I'll try to provide whatever information you think you might need.