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sync deleted my stuff..

Chad 3 years ago updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 22

Sync just deleted about half the things i just typed in. Also is there a better way to paste tables into a note? It does not preserve any of the cells at all..

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Please tell me your OS.


Please tell me your OS. Do you see your note changes in Conflict notes folder?

Windows 10

This seems to happen mostly with content within a table.

Do you see your note changes in Conflict notes folder?

No, nothing in the conflicts note folder

I have lost content in this same table when it auto synced and also when I pressed the Sync button at the top.

Is it permanent problem with this note? How did you create this tablet?

ill put a few in and sync it will save some of them but lose some... Once it syncs with some info it stays. It's the new content im putting in. It was an existing note, I just inserted a table and started pasting my content into the cells.

Did you insert table from other site or created in program? Can you send me public link of this note if it possible>

I see a pattern now... Every other sync I lose information.

Just the same once you look at it ill delete that last message


I have it where am I sending it?

I don't get email :( Also can we try http://teamviewer.com/ tomorrow? Our developer will check problem on your PC if it possible. It is very strange problem.

Sounds good, could you do me a favor and just delete the shared result you posted 5 posts up thx :)

Yes, done. Can we try TeamView tomorrow?

Yes, I'll be here. I finally got the rest in but Im sure I can duplicate it tomorrow.

Did you change this note only in version for PC or in web-client too?

I have been working 100% PC. I rarely use the web-client.

Can we try TeamView now? If yes. please write to fvdmedia@gmail.com