Bug: Cut and Paste are buggy in Windows

AndreiL 2 years ago in Nimbus Note - Windows OS • updated by Pavel Shcherbakov 2 years ago 3

Bug #1 -- Steps to reproduce (Cut):

1) Open windows Nimbus client and create a new note

2) Enter few lines of text

3) Select one line of text and press ctrl+X

AR: line is cut and immediately pasted one line below, when I press ctrl+Z I have thus two duplicate lines

ER: line is cut and thus not more present in text, when I press ctrl+Z I see only one line (that was cut)

Bug #2 -- Steps to reproduce (Paste):

1) ..Continue..

2) Now try to paste text (that was cut in previous Bug#1 steps)

AR: the text that was cut, has not been actually copied to the clipboard, the text that previously was in the clipboard is pasted

ER: text is pasted at cursor

Bug#3 -- Steps to reproduce (Paste):

1) OK, now just copy one word of text (not cut, but copy using ctrl+C) and please only one word (no multi-line)

2) Now paste the copied text in some line

AR: copied text is pasted at the cursor, but the line at the cursor is also broken on two lines

ER: copied text is pasted at the cursor and nothing else is inserted in the text



We are working for move from IE (current editir) to Chrome. All this problem will be fix.

Is there any timeline on this? I'm experiencing identical issues. I was in the process of switching to Nimbus Note, but I can't start using it if cut and paste (and their keyboard shortcuts) don't work.