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Nimbus Capture Add-on for Firefox Mac won't capture entire page

Brad U 3 years ago in Nimbus Capture - FireFox • updated 3 years ago 4

When I want to capture the entire web page, Nimbus instead only captures the visible part of the screen. This add-on worked correctly for me as recently as maybe a month or two ago (I am a periodic user).

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I need example of page with this problem.

Thanks for quick reply. I have to grab a multi-screen data dump that is proprietary so I cannot share the page. Ironically when I tried to duplicate the issue with a public page, Nimbus Capture works just fine. I have used Nimbus Capture on the proprietary site many times, so even though that may be the problem, it used to work OK.

Maybe this site doesn't have scroll or has frames? We can't work with such sites (browser doesn't allow)

The site scrolls so I can see the page. Not sure what it means to have frames. I can tell you that if I try to print it, it won't scale to fit a standard sheet of paper, I have to tell it to print to a 11x17 page as a PDF, then save the PDF, then scale-down and print the PDF to 8.5 x 11. That's why Nimbus Capture was such a godsend. Maybe the programming of the page changed slightly so it doesn't work with Nimbus anymore. Thanks for your help anyway... I will still use Nimbus when I can.