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Move (copy/paste) photos/attachments from one note to another

ziki 3 years ago in Nimbus Note - Android • updated by nimbusweb 3 years ago 6

This could be a very useful feature IMHO. Quite often I would move part of the note content to another note, this is easy with the text (copy/paste), but not possible for photos and


Under review


Ok, will try.

One app has a "merge" feature that merge more notes in one that partially helps.

Evernote has the copy/paste function for all.

Mmmmm...I discovered this "hidden" feature in your app:

- Enter in note edit mode

- Select a picture together with some FOLLOWING text

- Copy

- Go to another note and paste the content.

It works!

But it does not work if you select the picture only, you must select some following (not above!) text too.


No, it isn't hidden feature. It is standard copy feature. But you are right - we will add copy feature for image too.

OK, good! And attachments?
Unluckily this standard copy/paste has still the problem you must select some text to copy an image.

Yes, i sent your suggestions to dev.team.