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Moving from Evernote - PDFs, OCR

JasonB 11 months ago in Nimbus Capture - Windows OS • updated by nimbusweb 10 months ago 8

I migrated my ~2400 notes from Evernote and after using the exb file that worked very well.  About 100 notes didn't sync to the cloud but after modifying them (add a space), that is all good so I figured time to move on with testing.

Is there any way to have a preview of PDFs in the windows editor?  It seems awkward how attachments are accessed.  One major use case I have is business cards; I have scanned them into Evernote in the past as PDF, tagged them as Business Cards, and I can search them with OCR.

That leads me to the next issue; I did pay for the Pro subscription, but all of my imported PDFs aren't ocr'd; a search never picks them up so in the case of my scanned business cards they never come up.

And is there any way to speed up search?  It freezes the app and seems very slow.

I really wanted this to work, but if the OCR/search aren't working well then I'll have to ride out Evernote for another year and hope they keep operating.

Under review


1) We are working on a new editor, where the PDF will be displayed.

2) Could you send an example of a note from a PDF where the search does not work? We will check.

3) Yes, the search will be improved. The fact is that the search works including inside words. We will try to simplify the search a little and make it faster.

One other thing, how do you sort subfolders?

I haven't seen one search return OCR results yet on my imported notes and I have alot of PDFs attached.  This is both for business cards and all sorts of other PDF documents.  I do have a Reference\Business Cards folder and in Evernote if I search a vendor like 'Ricoh', it OCR detects 9 cards.  In Nimbus Notes (windows), none are detected with the same search.

Any update on this; how can I get my imported PDFs to search OCR?


Sorry for delay. I sent your request to dev.team. We will check your acc today

Can you check here http://nimbusweb.me/client/ or in our mobile client? Do you see right search rusults?

My PDFs are searching in the webclient, but it is ackward as you have to download the pdf to view it.  Does the windows client not support the OCR search?

Search is way faster on the webclient too, hopefully the indexes there can be pushed to the windows client to speed it up?


Search in pictures and PDF works while in the web client and mobile clients. We will soon add it to the Win and MAC versions.